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YTB Global

About Charity

Youth TimeBanking Global is a community service practice for supporting youth to increase awareness of community organizations and expand their social connections. YTB is experiential learning in the interests of building community. YTB introduces youth to principles of co-production and servant leadership. When youth are involved with community, they strengthen their connections to their community and learn about Civic Engagement. As youth continue with YTB they experience co-production -- a model in which each person contributes to the design and delivery of projects or services. YTB's Vision is that all youth transition to adulthood with the experience of contributing service to their community. YTB is a system of service exchange that leverages the talents, capabilities, and energies of youth so that they are viewed as partners and co-producers to achieve shared goals and work towards shared visions in our communities. Youth Earning Time Credits For Community Service Activities - Youth TimeBanking is a nonprofit that provides youth with service opportunities through its network of community organizations. YTB is timebanking customized for youth, a program of giving and receiving where youth earn YTB time credits for their service contributions. Youth take care of Little Free Libraries and community gardens, design logos, participate in virtual events, work on anti-bullying projects, and more. YTB time credits can be exchanged for resources or services, such as cell phone minutes, refurbished technology, sports gear, school supplies, arts-crafts supplies, books, coaching sessions, digital inclusion, lessons, a gift card to support the local economy, etc. YTB is a youth-adult partnership in which youth develop strengths, make community connections, and experience something bigger than themselves. YTB helps youth as they help others!

Charity Mission

YTB: Youth-Adult partnership of giving & receiving to support positive youth & community development.

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