Women for Afghan Women

Women for Afghan Women

About Charity

WAW was founded in April 2001 to advocate for women then living under Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Since its inception, WAW has become the largest organization for Afghan women and girls globally, and the largest women’s organization in Afghanistan. To date, WAW has served over 30,000 clients and trained more than 330,000 individuals on women’s rights. WAW provides life-saving and life-changing services, education, and advocacy for women and children across Afghanistan and NY who have endured human rights violations. WAW’s capacity has grown from being volunteer-run when it was founded to now employing over 750 staff members, the vast majority of whom are Afghan and female.

Charity Mission

Founded in 2001, Women for Afghan Women (WAW) is the largest Afghan women’s rights organization, globally, with over 850 full-time staff operating centers, programs, and services aimed at empowering Afghan women in the United States and Afghanistan.

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