Western Resource Advocates

Western Resource Advocates

About Charity

WRA has three main program areas that encompass our work: Clean Energy, Healthy Rivers, Western Lands. Our work is throughout the intermountain West, including 7 states - Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming and Montana. We envision... Western rivers and lakes will have abundant clean water to support habitat for fish and wildlife, communities and agriculture, and world-class recreational opportunities. The Colorado River will flow to the sea. Our homes, buildings and transportation systems will be powered by clean energy. The West will prosper in a zero-carbon economy. Half of western landscapes and habitat will be protected and connected to support thriving wildlife populations and unparalleled opportunities to enjoy the West’s natural beauty. The West will have clean air and clean water to support healthy communities and vital habitat. Western Resource Advocates provides on-the-ground solutions to climate change. We work with policymakers and other advocates to advance clean energy, protect air, land, water, and wildlife — and sustain the lives and livelihoods of the West.

Charity Mission

Western Resource Advocates provides on-the-ground solutions to climate change.

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