Uplift Charity

Uplift Charity

About Charity

To assist and empower the community… one family at a time.* *Based on the example of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) Our Vision… UPLIFT is organized and created by Muslims committed to improving the lives of the most dependent members of the local community. We seek to assist those in need by empowering them with the tools, support and resources necessary to impact their long-term success and improve their socioeconomic status. Our goal goes beyond simply being a source of funds for the underprivileged. We strive to assist in such a way that a struggling family no longer needs short-term assistance and instead gain the ability to sustain itself and prosper on its own strength. Our focus will be to work with some of the most vulnerable members of our local community. Specifically, those that have recently immigrated with little or no support network, those who are without employment and seek it, children who have recently become orphaned or homeless, the physically abused elders, women and children, recent converts to Islam who need community support, and other disadvantaged segments of our community. UPLIFT is committed to making a difference and being a vehicle to enlist those in the community who are like-minded and who strive to make a real difference with their time and/or resources. At UPLIFT, we understand that helping the underprivileged segment of society is the responsibility of the local community and that our best effort today will lead to a better tomorrow.

Charity Mission

Assisting and empowering the community one family at a time.

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