The Waterbearers Inc

The Waterbearers Inc

About Charity

Water is Precious. And while many of us take it for granted, almost 2 billion people still lack access to safe drinking water, and half the world’s population lives in water-stressed areas. When water is used wisely, we can all benefit from the earth’s most precious resource. Mission: To inspire women who have access to clean water to get it to those who do not. As a women-led organization, The Waterbearers, at its heart, holds the simple intention to bring clean water, light and love to those in dire need. Each year, we raise women's consciousness globally through our awareness campaigns, thereby energizing women grateful for their privileged ease of access to water to help those who lack this human right. We strategically align ourselves with partners, in-country organizations, and community leaders to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable clean water solutions. We work around the world in places where people lack access to clean water. Since 2016, we have helped fund clean water initiatives in 33 countries and impacted hundreds of thousands of lives.

Charity Mission

The Waterbearers is a nonprofit organization empowering women by providing them access to clean water.

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