The Building Blocks NJ

The Building Blocks NJ

About Charity

Our Mission Working together for a state where no one is left without food. To aid self-development, promote activism, and bolster community building Our Vision and Values "Community Building through enlivening the Sunnah" Sound communities are created out of shared effort and responsibility - each action by or for the sake of each individual is like a “building block” that reinforces the community. Thus, we aim to bring community members from all backgrounds to work together for the community’s well-being through means that are supported by teachings – to enjoin good, and help those in need. Greater strides in social change can only be made through the collaborative efforts of many hands and minds and organized and systematic means. We aim to provide those means. BBNJ is a platform for individuals to utilize for the benefit of their community.

Charity Mission

The Building Blocks of NJ, also known as The BBNJ, is a community service organization. We are a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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