The Bountiful Children's Foundation

The Bountiful Children's Foundation

About Charity

Bountiful Children is helping malnourished children who aren't receiving proper nutrients. Screenings are done every 6 months. Children that have moderate or acute malnutrition begin receiving support from Bountiful. They are given nutritional supplements and their families are given health lessons to help in their efforts to keep their children healthy. The first 1000 days are so vital to a child's physical and mental health. A child who receives proper nutrition can go on to reach their full potential and lead productive lives. For as little as $8/month, a child can receive proper nutrition. 100% of every dollar is used to help children in need without regard to race, religion, or ethnic origin. We are helping approximately 10% of children in need. Can you help us reach more children?

Charity Mission

Bountiful Children is serving malnourished children in 17 countries. 100% of your donation goes to help children in need.

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