Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation

Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation

About Charity

The Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation was established in 1995 to help coordinate the recovery of Sierra bighorn. In 1999, the Foundation successfully petitioned state and federal governments to list Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep as an endangered species. Today the Foundation contributes to DFW’s Recovery Program by purchasing supplementary equipment such as spotting scopes and radio collars, defraying the cost of helicopters used in captures and translocations, and conducting genetic research to further our understanding of Sierra bighorn genetic diversity. More broadly, the Foundation’s mission is to develop and sustain a community of committed advocates for the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep. We strive to share the story of this subspecies and engage our members in its progress toward recovery. The support of an enthusiastic public is essential to restoring Sierra bighorn to their former abundance, and we hope that with your help we may soon see a healthy, stable population of wild sheep returned to the Range of Light.

Charity Mission

Founded to secure the future of the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep.

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