Outward Bound California

Outward Bound California

About Charity

Outward Bound California is a character development school that uses high-impact activities in a wilderness setting to teach human skills: compassion, confidence, teamwork, leadership, resilience and self-awareness. We lead our students -- teens, adults and veterans -- on character-building expeditions in the High Sierra, Joshua Tree, the Coast Range of Central California, and on one-day experiences on our ropes challenge course in San Francisco. Outward Bound California experiences are available to the general public, through group programming for schools and youth service nonprofits, and to veterans. Over two-thirds of our students receive scholarship support. Outward Bound California engages in equity work with the goal of ensuring high-quality outcomes for students and staff across identities (race, socioeconomic status, gender identity, immigration status, and more). www.outwardboundcalifornia.org/about/equity-work/

Charity Mission

Outward Bound California changes lives through challenge and discovery, for youth, adults and veterans.

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