Operation Broken Silence

Operation Broken Silence

About Charity

We’re passionate about ending the crisis in Sudan in our lifetime. Here’s how we work: STORYTELLING & MOVEMENT BUILDING We create documentary films, photography exhibits, and events that mobilize people around the world to raise support for Sudanese-led programs. EDUCATION & HEALTHCARE We invest funds raised in Sudanese heroes and institutions to empower their education and healthcare work. And they make the big program decisions, not us. GRASSROOTS ADVOCACY We design grassroots campaigns that equip activists in our home state of Tennessee to engage their communities and political leaders on issues concerning Sudan. WHERE WE WORK We focus on the Nuba Mountains region and nearby Yida Refugee Camp. This isolated area sits near the border of Sudan and South Sudan. All of the stories we tell are from this beautiful, but oppressed corner of Sudan. The Nuba Mountains are home to roughly 100 African tribal groups who have lived there for over 2,000 years. The approximately 1.3 million Christian, Muslim, and traditionalist Nuba people live mostly in harmony together. Sadly, the Nuba way of life has been in danger for decades. Sudan’s military and extremist regime officials have long viewed the Nuba people as a threat to their iron-fisted rule. The military and their paramilitary allies have committed two genocides in the region since the 1990s. A fragile ceasefire has been in place since 2016, but war clouds still loom over the Nuba Mountains today. Learn more: https://operationbrokensilence.org/our-work

Charity Mission

We're building a global movement to empower the Sudanese people through innovative programs as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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