Northern Jaguar Project

Northern Jaguar Project

About Charity

We formed the Northern Jaguar Project to safeguard jaguars in this region from poaching and habitat destruction. At the heart of our work is the 86-square-mile Northern Jaguar Reserve, a remote, rugged, and exceedingly wild landscape where a small breeding population of these wild cats survives. Over the past 15 years, we have photographed more than 70 different jaguars, including females and their cubs. The reserve provides a place of refuge from which these mother jaguars can raise their young free from harm, and the accompanying biodiversity can thrive. Beyond the reserve, we work with ranchers, schools, and rural communities to build tolerance and reduce human-wildlife conflicts.

Charity Mission

We protect jaguars in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands & all species found under their umbrella of protection.

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