Military Children's Six Foundation

Military Children's Six Foundation

About Charity

Military Children's Six Foundation (MC6) is a 501 (C)(3) child-centric advocacy and humanitarian organization based in Washington, DC. Our advocacy works to ensure that children’s rights are considered in government laws, policies, budgets, communities, and programs. Military Children's Six Foundation Executive Director, and Founder is Colonel Adrienne Schaffer Esq., (Ret. USA), who has spent over three decades of military service and over three decades as an attorney representing the rights of children. An independent advocate, such as through the office of the ombudsman for children or a child rights-focused non-governmental organization, like the Military Children's Six Foundation serves to represent the best interests of children and youth, independently of political structures. The definition of a Military Child extends beyond what has been a commonly accepted understanding as children of currently or previously serving members of the military, which includes Active Duty, Reservists, the National Guard, and Veterans World-Wide. Today, the definition of the Military Child has been expanded by the Military Children's Six Foundation to include the children of Men and Women (Civilians) who have been forced to take up arms in military conflicts, whether in war, a military invasion, or a special military operation in defense of their country's sovereignty, liberty, and quality of life. MC6 Humanitarian Team (MHT) believes that the infliction of war and military aggression upon children must be considered a violation of their basic human rights and can have a persistent impact on their physical and mental health and well-being, with long-term consequences for their development. The experiences that children have to endure during and as consequence of war are in harsh contrast to their developmental needs and their right to grow up in a physically and emotionally safe and predictable environment. Mental health and psychosocial interventions for war-affected children should be multileveled, specifically targeted towards the child's needs, trauma-informed, and strength and resilience oriented. Our Mobile Team 2 (MT2) provides psychological support which provides immediate supportive interventions that focus on providing basic physical and emotional resources and care to children to help them regain both external safety and inner security. More below. Our Humanitarian Mobile Teams Mobile Medical Team 1 (MMT1) looks to deliver emergency health supplies, provide trauma care and where possible vaccinations. Mobile Team 2 (MM2) looks to provide Psychological Support. Mobile Protection Team 3 (MPT3) looks to prevent family separation, mitigate gender-based violence, communicate the risk of mines and war remnants and address psychological effects of war. Obviously, supporting children also entails enabling and supporting parents in the care for their children, as well as providing post-migration infrastructures and social environments that foster mental health. Given the recent events in Ukraine with millions on the flight we are dispatching teams to Poland, and we would like your support. We will continue to advocate for the increased mental health needs of children in the actual situation. War does not only affect those children directly exposed, but also those indirectly impacted through mass media bringing the pictures of war into their homes. Children cannot protect themselves against the themes addressed in the news and omnipresent pictures of war on televisions, in newspapers and on social media. Perceived anxiety of war in parents might lead to a loss of sense of security and enhanced anxiety in children. Your support is "Your Voice That Matters." We don’t want to just throw resources at the problem. “Our team really wants to identify what are the specific needs of the people on the ground and try to resource and fill those needs.” We partner with local community organizations, faith-based organizations to ensure resources are targeted and reaching those in need. Partner with the Military Children’s Six Foundation.

Charity Mission

Military Children's Six Foundation is a 501 (C)(3) organization based in Washington, DC. It received its nonprofit status in 2019.

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