Identity Mission

Identity Mission

About Charity

80% of children in an orphanage have a living parent or relative. We work to keep children in families by two main approaches. FAMILY PRESERVATION In effort to prevent children from ever experiencing separation from their families, at-risk families are identified, and IM comes alongside the family to provide the support needed to prevent separation. Our family preservation Director evaluates the family's situation and meets their immediate needs, preventing deep trauma to the child and family. Once the crisis is averted, IM then walks alongside the family to discover the best means for sustainability FOSTER CARE As God has equipped us, we now have an operating foster family program in three regions of Honduras. Our foster families are supported by IDENTITY MISSION caseworkers, regular training, assistance with resources, a LOCAL PARTNER church that grasps the vision of family-based care and who is committed to serving the families who care for orphans, and family support events.

Charity Mission

Identity Mission supports vulnerable children in Honduras by providing family-based care solutions alongside the local church.

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