About Charity

For nearly 20 years, Goodjustice has been bringing hope and opportunities to marginalized communities around the world. Goodjustice provides basic needs like clean drinking water and shelter along with giving education and partnership to transform communities both through meeting essential needs and providing valuable resources. Goodjustice is committed to global partnership and transformative work to bring hope and life to those who need it most. What we do: *Education- Through the investment of education the course of children, families and villages is radically changed. Learn more: *Home Ownership- Goodjustice walks with people out of poverty into prosperity through home ownership and a sustainable life style. Learn more: *Clean Water & Sanitation- Goodjustice provides access to clean, safe and reliable water to 1,000s of people each year – one community at a time. Learn more: Goodjustice is a nationally run organization. The Directors in Malawi and Honduras were born and raised in their respective countries. Due to their high level of integrity many communities reach out to them to partner in community projects. 100% of the work that Goodjustice facilitates is partnership based. Communities and families working together for the greater good of their fellow Malawians and Hondurans. Simply put, if there is no investment from the families or communities Goodjustice will not go alone.

Charity Mission

Goodjustice helps people reach their created potential through physical, emotional, and spiritual investment.

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