Friends of Ridhwan

Friends of Ridhwan

About Charity

Friends of Ridhwan is a student-run organization designated by the Ridhwan School’s Obsidian Synod as the body responsible for both short-term and future-oriented fundraising on behalf of the School. It has been created to act cooperatively and to co-evolve with the School and its various manifestations. Both the Ridhwan Foundation and Friends of Ridhwan serve under the guidance of the Obsidian Synod. Establishing a separate legal entity for fund raising activities frees the Ridhwan Foundation to serve fully in its role to support teachers and students in the School, train and ordain teachers, and present programs to the public. It creates a desired separation between the teaching and the activities of seeking and receiving charitable gifts.

Charity Mission

We are responsible for fundraising on behalf of the Ridhwan School to support the unfolding of the Diamond Approach in the world.

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