Erebuni Armenian School

Erebuni Armenian School

About Charity

The mission of Erebuni Armenian School is to create an Armenian-speaking environment where children may broaden their interest in the Armenian culture, enhance their knowledge and enjoyment of the language. We help them to preserve the heritage of the Armenian people, language, culture, traditions and religion. We believe firmly in the importance of education therefore, we help our students not only to improve their knowledge of Armenian language but to become a well-rounded citizen. Learning Armenian Language should be fun. Our school strives to: Prepare and encourage our students to become good Armenian-American citizens to better serve the society. Hire and retain qualified teaching professionals. Use a wide variety of audio/visual materials which will enhance the knowledge of Armenian language. Constantly improve our programs. Instill within students the Armenian spirit in order to ensure their commitment to traditional Armenian values. Deliver quality academic programs in a welcoming environment created by our teachers and parents. Improve oral speech, writing, reading, Armenian history, literature, using contemporary teaching methods and games.

Charity Mission

Erebuni Armenian School is a nonprofit organization focused on education. It is based in Winchester, MA. It received its nonprofit status in 2019.

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