Educate & Empower Girls

Educate & Empower Girls

About Charity

Our mission is to stop violence against women, and empower underprivileged women to rise above poverty and inequality through encouragement, basic education, and vocational skills training. We are aligned and committed to U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): #4 Quality Education #5 Gender Equality Investing in girls' education is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty. Investments in secondary school education for girls yields especially high dividends. Girls who have been educated are likely to marry later and to have smaller and healthier families. Educated women can recognize the importance of health care and know how to seek it for themselves and their children. Education helps girls and women to know their rights and to gain confidence to claim them. We do this by helping girls stay in school, and complete secondary education. and by helping young women pursue vocational training to acquire job related skills. We have partnered with: ANEW (Association for Non-traditional Employment for Women) Sarva Vidya (After School Tuition & Nutrition, 2-Year Nursing Assistant Training) Sai Healing Trust (Medical and Vision Care) PCVC (Prevention of Crime and Victim Care) YouthInvest (Second Chance for Adolescent Girls) We educate and empower women from very low income families and distraught segments of society. We enable young girls to reach their full potential. We need your generous tax-deductible contributions for us to move forward and expand the scope of creating educational opportunities for thousands of poor deserving girls and women.

Charity Mission

We empower women to eclipse poverty and inequality. We support Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education&Gender Equality.

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