Eastern Congo Initiative

Eastern Congo Initiative

About Charity

Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) believes that local, community-based initiatives create transformative impact and lasting development in eastern Congo. That's because no one knows the both the challenges and paths forward better than those who live with them every day. By directly funding this work, we have secured justice for over 2,000 victims of rape, set legal precedent for woman gaining the right to inherit land, and supported clean water and healthcare infrustructure that serves 120,000 people every day. We cultivate public and private partnerships alongside strategic advocacy to drive change and increase attention. Our multifaceted approach works to create new, lasting opportunities for the people of eastern Congo. And we know that by investing in local solutions and working shoulder to shoulder with Congolese innovators, we can revolutionize how the world thinks of humanitarian aid.

Charity Mission

We partner with Congolese communities to build lasting change. Along the way, we're transformining humanitarian aid, for good.

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