Dechen Rang Dharma Center

Dechen Rang Dharma Center

About Charity

I dedicate to all sentient beings all the virtues that I have gathered, am gathering, and will continue to gather in the three times: To all who see, hear, or think of me, All who are magnanimous and flattering towards me, Those who hold contempt for me, and Anyone with a connection with me, positive or negative, subtle or gross, aloof or up-close, May they all be reborn in the supreme pureland of Dewachen! ~by Lama Drimed ​窮盡過去當下及未來,所積一切功德根本力,令諸見我聽我或念我, 供養尊敬輕蔑我眾生, 無論所結善緣或惡緣, 亦或無意輕觸我眾生, 願皆往生無上極樂土! ~ 喇嘛智美

Charity Mission

Upholds and observes the tradition of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

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