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CLEAR Global

About Charity

CLEAR Global is a US-based nonprofit comprising Translators without Borders, CLEAR Tech, and CLEAR Insights. We're helping people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak. With our innovative language technology solutions, research, and community of over 80,000 linguists, we support partner organizations working in various contexts around the world. We have local teams in Nigeria and Bangladesh, and are actively helping people affected by natural or man-caused crises get the information they need and understand. As we envision a more linguistically just and diverse world, we started a movement. Our Four Billion Conversations movement is about helping bridge the digital language divide, and improving global information and communication access to include people who speak marginalized languages into matters that concern them as well. Part of this initiative is our language technology, including multilingual conversational chatbots and voice-enabled interactive information kiosks, thanks to which people can get answers to their questions instantly and securely. We released a plethora of language data resources, such as the Global Language Data Review, a useful resource for planners to make their programs and services more inclusive, and language maps and glossaries that help humanitarians and other responders better communicate with local communities living through crises.

Charity Mission

CLEAR Global is a nonprofit helping people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak.

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