Binxs Home For Black Cats Co

Binxs Home For Black Cats Co

About Charity

We're a North Carolina nonprofit and federal 501(c)(3) black cat rescue located in Asheville, NC. Black cats are the most euthanized animal in US shelters and they need the additional support of organizations like us that specialize in finding them their forever homes. We do not have a physical facility; instead we operate as a foster-based rescue. This means that every cat and kitten brought into our rescue is given every chance to thrive in a home environment with one of our experienced foster parents. This is helpful because it cuts down on the stress of being in a cage in a shelter, which allows us to get to know each kitty's personality and help them to get adopted faster. We currently offer rescue and TNR services in and around Buncombe County and we frequently work with other local organizations to spread the magic of black cats in our community and beyond.

Charity Mission

We're a nonprofit black cat rescue located in Asheville, NC committed to spreading the magic of black cats.

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