Aquatic Life Institute Inc

Aquatic Life Institute Inc

About Charity

Aquatic Life Institute was formed to specifically advance animal welfare for the nearly 500 billion farmed fish and shrimp, and 2-3 trillion wild aquatic animals in the global food system. At Aquatic Life Institute we dedicate all of our expertise and energy to ensuring high impact results, and long-lasting positive change for aquatic animals. We operate in three primary program areas: 1) Coalitions: we are the hub for over 115 NGOs and stakeholders leveraging collective action 2) Seafood Certifier Campaign: Working with the world's largest seafood certifiers to strengthen standards for billions of aquatic animals every year 3) Policy Pursuits: working at the international and national government level to advance protections for aqua

Charity Mission

Aquatic Life Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on improving the lives of aquatic animals in the global food system.

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