Allies in Youth Development

Allies in Youth Development

About Charity

In 2011 a University of Texas at Arlington study abroad trip to Eastern Europe birthed a deep desire in team members to help children in area orphanages. After meeting some family members of the largest Eastern European family, with over 50 adopted children, several conversations between Chris Burgin, Founder and CEO, Dr. Tatiana Baeva, Director of International Relations, and others led them to seek ways to render change. They set out to encourage and empower Eastern European university students to help orphans develop life skills in order to escape the poverty and hopelessness that awaits them. In-country university students are uniquely positioned to reach the younger generation. Allies trains and invests in teams of university students to work with local orphanages. As mentors, these students build relational bridges, model the character of Christ and teach life skills to the orphans. Allies uses this proven methodology as a foundation for long-term success and leadership.

Charity Mission

AiYD provides donors, advocates, volunteers the organization they need to empower orphans and prevent human trafficking.

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