Al-maun - Neighborly Needs - of Las Vegas Nv

Al-maun - Neighborly Needs - of Las Vegas Nv

About Charity

In order to help improve the lives of others in the community, we offer a series of programs such as food and nutrition, housing for women, community closet and our rent and utility programs. Al-Maun Community Development Corporation's primary objective is to address and reduce the cycle of violence in our community. We are focusing on at risk-individuals and families through counseling, workshops, and subsequently financial support. The Al-Maun CDC program will also focus on building the community by establishing clubs, after-school programs, emergency shelters, tutoring, networking, and job training. We also partner with various organizations like churches, grocery stores, and the local health district to provide important necessities such as hot meals, grocery bags, vaccines, and transportation.

Charity Mission

Al-maun - Neighborly Needs - of Las Vegas Nv is a nonprofit organization focused on providing human services. It is based in Las Vegas, NV. It received its nonprofit status in 2004.

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