AI For Good Foundation

AI For Good Foundation

About Charity

We invent solutions, deploy technologies, and forge policies that make communities more resilient and successful around the globe. Intelligent Societies - public services and government benefits for the modern world. Humanitarian Aid 2.0 - efficient, real-time, measurable, locally-driven response to disasters. Innovation Catalyst - an economic engine that multiplies opportunity for all. On average, $1 in donations to AI for Good creates $3.40 of economic opportunity in communities around the world, while encouraging local markets to flourish. The biggest challenges we face are fundamentally human challenges, so we must keep humans at the centre of the solution. The right economic mechanisms and incentive structures, aligned with breakthroughs in technological capabilities, can accelerate positive change, and bring the Sustainable Development Goals within reach.

Charity Mission

Economic Resilience through Technology, since 2015.

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