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Advancement Project

About Charity

Advancement Project National Office focuses on tackling inequity with innovative strategies and strong community alliance. We combine law, communications, policy, and technology to create workable solutions and achieve systemic change on issues of democracy, voting rights, and access to justice. Our movement lawyering model has sparked a new approach to the practice of civil rights law, and our pioneering work on the school-to-prison pipeline and voter protection have not only catalyzed new movements and shifted national discourse but has led to significant reforms in our society. We remain at the cutting edge of the racial justice movement. Advancement Project’s California office is a public policy change organization rooted in the civil rights movement. We engineer large-scale systems change to remedy inequality, expand opportunity and open paths to upward mobility. Our goal is that members of all communities have the safety, opportunity and health they need to thrive. Our signature is reach and impact. With our strong ties to diverse communities, unlikely alliances, policy and legal expertise, and creative use of technology, we and our partners have won over $15 billion to extend opportunity. Whether it is to build 150 schools, transform the City of Los Angeles’ approach to its gang epidemic, or revolutionize the use of data in policymaking, Advancement Project California evens the odds for communities striving to attain equal footing and equal treatment.

Charity Mission

Next gen, racial justice & civil rights org inspiring & supporting natl & local movements toward a just democracy.

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