San Jose Public Library Foundation

San Jose Public Library Foundation

About Charity

At the heart of our community, libraries provide a place where everyone can learn, create, study and explore. Mrs. Ruth Kampa – a former librarian and President of the Library Commission — embraced this with her strong passion for the Library. In 1987, Ruth had the foresight to setup the San José Public Library Foundation (SJPLF) so that the Library could receive more than just public funding. In 1992, Ruth passed away and because of her bequest the Foundation was able to hire its first paid staff member. According to the original board members, “that was the tipping point that really put the Foundation in business.” The Foundation has changed and grown over the years but Ruth’s legacy to raise funds for our San José libraries still continues today.

Charity Mission

SJPLF provides advocacy, financial support, and leadership to our public libraries and educational programs throughout San Jose.

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