Odissi Dance Company

Odissi Dance Company

About Charity

To erase cultural and ethnic barriers by promoting and preserving the diverse cultural and performing arts heritage of South Asian dance and to form successful partnerships with academic institutions and student or non-profit organizations in order to organize multicultural events, seminars, and workshops. The ODC hopes to educate the Americans about Odissi-an ancient Indian classical dance form and identify and develop South Asian cultural and performing arts appreciation around the world. Nationally and locally, ODC hopes to organize various events in Oregon, North Dakota, Texas, New York that would constitute of domestic and international artists from various cultures and genre. The institute collaborates with different existing student organizations from across the state to enhance and promote their respective cultures. In order to promote South Asian dance and culture to a wide audience, the institute also organizes fundraising events for through cultural events and performances.

Charity Mission

To explore traditional and modern indo-western literary classics within the context of traditional Odissi dance to erase cultural barriers.

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