Third Wave Volunteers/ Studio Unite

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Third Wave Volunteers/ Studio Unite

About Charity

Third Wave Volunteers are a commonsense group set up to mobilize volunteers, aid and general resilience after the Sept 11th attacks in NYC. We believe in equality for all and in cutting through red tape and bureaucracy to get help directly to the people. Third Wave is headed by disaster response veteran Dr Alison Thompson who believes that EVERYONE IS NEEDED to help with little skills required. We have provided 10,000's of volunteers to respond to disasters, rebuild villages and run field hospitals in Sri Lanka, New Orleans, Haiti, Nepal, Philippines, Sandy Superstorm in NY- and for the past year doing sea rescues and giving solar lights to the Syrian refugee women and children in Greece and Turkey. We collaboration with 501c3 whose purpose is to develop sustainable design for housing, education and the environment in order to improve social, economic and ecological conditions for vulnerable families and communities around the world. Dr. Alison Thompson is the Executive Director of FAARM.

Charity Mission

To bring Origami Solar Puff Lights & Love to the Syrian women & children refugees.

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