Science is Elementary

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Science is Elementary

About Charity

Science is Elementary is a non-profit that envisions a world where science and scientific thinking skills are valued and utilized. We transform elementary science education for everyone by teaching students, training teachers, and engaging the scientific community, so that every child has access to high quality science every day. To ensure equity and close the achievement gap, we focus on untapped communities where schools serve a high percent of low-income students of color. Teaching students: we make science awesome through experiential activities and a rigorous science curriculum beginning in kindergarten. Our students retain 85% of what they learn every year and our girls are twice as likely to want to work in a STEM field compared to girls not in our program. Training teachers: we help schools and districts build sustainable internal capacity for high quality science education. Our teachers learn to teach science in an engaging way, and to integrate science and scientific thinking with Language Arts and Mathematics.Teachers increase the number of hours they teach science by 50% and report a 90% increase in confidence. Engaging the scientific community: we’ve trained over 1000 STEM professionals to serve as role models and mentors to underprivileged youth.

Charity Mission

Transforming elementary science education so that every child has access to high quality science everyday.

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