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About Charity

Ohlone Humane Society is an animal welfare nonprofit serving Fremont, Newark and Union City since 1983. We advocate for all creatures, from urban wildlife to companion animals. While OHS doesn’t operate a shelter, we work closely with the Tri-City Animal Shelter (TCAS). We’re also one of the few humane societies to maintain a wildlife rehabilitation center. Our programs include Spay-Neuter Voucher Assistance, TNR Assistance, Cat Fostering & Adoption, Special Veterinary Assistance and Pets-Meals-on-Wheels helping our underserved community, Animal Assisted Therapy to senior care facilities, K-12, and special education, TCAS Assistance, Humane Education, and Wildlife Rehabilitation where over the years, we have successfully rehabilitated thousands of animals and returned them to their natural habitat. We also provide our Tri-City Community with Humane Education. We estimate we reach ~2,000 district children a year through our Read-to-a Dog program with Fremont Library system, providing “Kind News” subscriptions to classrooms, Therapy Dogs visits in schools, and “Living with Wildlife” for schools and family visits and special projects for Girl and Boy Scouts at our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. We don't receive government funds, and are supported by memberships, and private donations. We are a volunteer-based organization with just one FT paid position in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Charity Mission

Ohlone Humane Society strives to inspire respect and compassion for all animals, advocate for their interests and welfare, and instill in our community that all living beings have the right to be treated humanely.

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