Kaiser Woodland PFO

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Kaiser Woodland PFO

About Charity

The Kaiser PFO (Parent Faculty Organization) supports both Woodland and Kaiser Elementary Schools in Costa Mesa by furthering the reach of arts, technology, enrichment and experiences beyond the scope of the schools’ established budgets. The PFO supports Kaiser and Woodland’s arts and enrichment programs by funding and coordinating opportunities normally outside the scope of the school’s budget and resources. Science and technology are key components in elementary education, and the PFO assists our campuses in creating greater opportunities for our students. The ways our students learn and grow are ever-changing and our organization is designed to work alongside principals and help meet the evolving needs from equipment to facilities and programs. Our non-profit organization creates multiple fundraising opportunities throughout the school year and provides volunteer planning and support to help make our schools the best possible places for students to learn and grow.

Charity Mission

Supporting both Woodland and Kaiser Elementary Schools

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