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About Charity

It is the goal of A Safe Place in Grace to provide FREE, EVIDENCE BASED and RELEVANT educational materials and resources to the teen and young adult members of our local communities to significantly reduce the risk of unplanned and/or repeat pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and abortions through measures of prevention, intervention, and restoration. Though Dillon and Robeson Counties are among the poorest counties in the Carolinas (#1a and #6b respectively), we do not have to be leaders in any of these areas. Currently Dillon County is #4a in teen pregnancies and #2a in gonorrheal infections. Robeson County is #7c in teen pregnancies. Our babies outside the womb are in trouble, and we must look beyond the babies in the womb to find sustainable solutions. A Safe Place in Grace believes that the best way to achieve this goal is to be proactive in identifying and educating the at-risk members of our community on the benefits of abstinence and preventive measures BEFORE they become statistics. To this end, we will actively engage teens and young adults via social media and virtual classrooms using Q&A sessions, peer groups and interactive workshops that promote and primarily encourage abstinence but also educate about safe sex practices. A Safe Place in Grace believes that the way to reduce abortions is to promote a safe and judgment free space for women to have open and honest discussions about her options, the resources available to her, and the reality and consequences of her potential choice. Though A Safe Place in Grace passionately believes that all life is sacred, from the moment of conception to the final breath, we also believe in supporting women as they face one of the most life-altering decisions of their lives. We believe that women have a God-given right to make the choice, but that they need to be informed about the abortion procedure, possible side effects, and long-term repercussions of making that choice. To this end, we will ed

Charity Mission

SPiG is helping young people make healthy choices for healthy futures.

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